A Fish in New Water: Finding a Way in Pharma

By: Alexandria Mason
November 30, 2021

Sami Reimer, Business Development Associate

For Biocut Systems’ newest hire, jumping into new water comes naturally to her outgoing personality. Bringing a background of business development in both financial services and cyber security, Sami Reimer joined the team back in May and in her role as a business development associate, dedicates time specifically to finding new business opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry.

“I’ve been doing a lot of research around what types of pharmaceutical companies we want to work with, like the size of the companies and the stages that the companies are in within their drug development process,” said Reimer.

As the new draftee to the pharmaceutical field, the emphasis is on spotlighting Biocut as a player coming to win, and by win they mean continuing to alleviate pain points through new technologies. For Reimer, a key target would be a client in the research and development stage looking to try new things for better results.

Recently Reimer attended the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) Annual Meeting & Expo, and while she didn’t give any presentations, the opportunity opened her eyes to the possibilities and benefits future conferences can lend the company.

“There’s a lot of different types of companies out there that are helping. And it was a really big benefit to understand how we should market ourselves for the next conference,” said Reimer.

The Facilities of the Future Conference, coming up in February, will be Biocut’s “debut” to the pharma world, showcasing their abilities and offerings.

Erin Swanson, Business Development Associate

“That’s really where we’re going to showcase what we can do and try to connect with people to see how we can help with their process. It’s really exciting to be able to showcase our fluid handling capabilities,” said business development associate Erin Swanson.

In addition to networking through conferences, another strategy to break into the pharmaceutical world is connecting through professional organizations such as ISPE or niche groups such as women in pharmaceuticals.

“As the marketing person, I’m responsible for getting us out in front of the right people and making sure that we’re showing our capabilities in the best way,” said Swanson.

Overall for Biocut Systems, being the new fish in the pond is a process of feeling out the water then finding their own swimming pace.

“We’re trying to soak in all of the knowledge that we can about this industry before we really put ourselves out there,” said Swanson.