About Us

About Us

Maximizing the gift of life through product innovation, employee empowerment and community commitment.

Xiogenix Story

Xiogenix began as a family-owned business in 2001, entering the market as a steel rule die maker, providing solutions to the printing, packaging and leather making industries.
Previous ownership saw an opportunity to take an old technology and reimagine biologic cutting dies and clean room compatible presses. In late 2017, Milwaukee-based Breakthru Family of Companies acquired Xiogenix. Breakthru is a strategic long-term advisor, investor and partner led company by co-founders Jerry Jendusa and James Harasha, formerly of EMTEQ Aerospace. Under BreakthU, Xiogenix has expanded the tissue banking market to include a multitude of products for processing soft, hard and birth tissues. In 2022, Xiogenix entered into the cell & gene therapy market with innovations in fill & finish, cell suspension and cryopreservation. Xiognix holds an advantage over large pharmaceutical-type automation houses. Our vast experience in designing through the constraints of aseptic processing and creating solutions appropriately suited for the market sector sets us apart. With over 40% of its staff as engineers, Xiogenix has extensive industry and technical knowledge. With customization and niche market offerings, Xiogenix understands that any products designed, developed and validated within the market must be supported extensively.

Cell & Gene Therapy

We partner with companies to create and build innovative solutions, driving the advancement of revolutionary medicine. Our primary goal is for patients to receive therapies more efficiently, effectively, while keeping safety and quality at the absolute forefront. We focus on creating equipment for downstream processing, with a concentration in fill & finish for both Autologous and Allogenic therapies. We are an innovation-focused company with a fierce drive to maximize the gift of life.

Tissue Banking

We collaborate with bioscience companies to assess current market needs in order to develop new technology for the tissue banking industry. We are committed to honoring the gift of donated life by creating equipment that streamlines tissue processing and protects quality, yield and safety. Our bio-format presses and biologic-cutting dies are use throughout the market to bring more products to patients in an efficient and safe manor.

Meet Our Team

Rachel Bahr


Alex Gehl

Accounting & Office Coordinator

Anjie Peck

Business Unit Manager

Allie Schroeder

Director of Marketing & Business Development

John Reimer

Vice President of Business Development

Gabe Haupt

Quality Coordinator

Sami Reimer

Director of Cell & Gene Therapy

Thor Holmgren

Mechanical Engineer

Steven Peterson

Biomedical Engineer


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, running scheduled audits and inspections to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Quality begins and ends with our customers. Their stringent regulatory demands require Biocut to continuously improve our processes.