Biocut®Systems Announces AATB Membership

June 14, 2016

In an effort to show commitment to the tissue banking profession, Biocut®Systems has become an AATB Affiliate Member. This is the first year of the affiliate AATB membership category, Biocut®Systems is proud to be recognized as an AATB Affiliate Member.

“The work Biocut®Systems does align closely to the mission of AATB, and becoming an AATB Affiliate Member is an important way for us to demonstrate our support for the association and its goals.  We are proud to be an AATB Affiliate Member and we hope to further support tissue banking professionals by providing the very best in bio-compatible cutting solutions,” said Mark Jeske, President of Biocut®Systems

Biocut®Systems is a manufacturer of cutting solutions to the bioscience industry specializing in regenerative medicine, its main focus is to help streamline production in a safe, sterile and efficient manner by providing clean room compatible steel rule dies, machined dies and 15/40-ton presses. For all inquiries regarding Biocut®Systems please email at [email protected]