Biocut®Systems Releases Biologic Bandsaw

March 9, 2020

Biocut®Systems, an engineering leader within the bioscience and regenerative market space, recently announced the launch of an innovative biologic band saw, the SterilCut® S28.

Designed specifically for the bioscience and regenerative market, the SterilCut® S28 biologic band saw is clean room compatible.

“Biocut seeks to improve upon technologies our customers need while delighting them with the service they demand. The SterilCut® S28 band saw overcomes many processing hurdles and is backed up with a lifetime service guarantee*”, says John Reimer, VP of Business Development at Biocut®Systems.

Biocut engineers worked with industry partners on its design and functionality, ensuring it would be easy to set up, tear down, and clean. The new Sterilcut® band saw includes removable and interchangeable parts to aid in the cleaning and assembly processes. With minimal controls and an easy to use foot pedal, the entire operation is simplified and risk is reduced.

*To qualify for the lifetime service guarantee, customers need to purchase all band saw blades from Biocut®Systems.  Included in the guarantee is six-month preventative maintenance checks, ball bearing replacements and on demand engineering support.