Biocut Systems Ventures into Europen and Asian Markets

July 8th, 2020

Biocut Systems has signed distribution agreements with Noviotissue to serve the European market and with LnS Biomedical Consulting Group to serve the Asian Pacific market.

Tonny Voermans, Founder and President, Noviotissue

Noviotissue brings over a decade of expertise and innovation together in one company and is led by Founder and President Tonny Voermans.

Voerman’s dedication to the tissue banking market has a global reach, combining knowledge and skills acquired from other industries and bringing them to the bioscience regenerative medicine space. He helps foster synergies within the tissue banking community to improve outcomes for surgeons and improve yield of the donated gift of life. Tonny has a Masters degree in Business Administration and a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology.

Joost Mulders, Project Manager, Noviotissue

Joost Mulders is a Project Manager at Noviotissue where he directs multiple projects in the tissue banking industry. With experience in leading programs and projects within the government, energy, and health sector, he seeks to bring together current opportunities with strategic interest. His critical thinking, learning agility, commitment and compassion help him tackle challenges efficiently and provide sustainable solutions. Joost has a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology. 

“We are delighted to have Noviotissue as our partner to serve Europe but also as another knowledge base we can consult, to help Biocut improve upon the bioprocessing processes we are developing,” said John Reimer, Vice President of Business Development for Biocut.

Noviotissue and Biocut Systems partnership was signed over a year ago with the understanding and commitment from both companies to work through the rules and regulations needed to bring Biocut’s products to the European Union fully CE certified. 

LnS Biomedical Consulting Group is a biomedical specialist company. 

Jason Lee, Director, LnS

LnS has developed platforms for regulatory affairs, research development, and new business development related to muscular-skeletal tissue repair and regeneration.

Jason Lee is the Director of LnS. He founded the company to provide consultancy for professionals working in orthopedic surgery, dental surgery, and sports medicine. Jason’s plethora of experience developing and instituting processes and procedures for ortho-biologics, allografts, xenografts, and medical devices while working as a principal scientist and managing director for biotech and within tissue banks makes his company an excellent fit for Biocut.

“With Noviotissue and LnS we feel we have two very experienced partners that will provide the kind of leadership Biocut needs to become a global company,” said Reimer, “strategically it makes sense but more importantly the tissue banking community benefits.”

About Biocut Systems

Biocut Systems is an engineering leader for the bioscience industry specializing in regenerative medicine and is committed to honoring and maximizing the donated gift of life. Biocut’s main focus is to help streamline production in a safe, sterile, and efficient manner by providing bio-format presses, biologic cutting dies, and soft and hard tissue processing equipment. Biocut collaborates with leading bioscience industry companies to assess current market needs and requirements, then develop products that deliver new technology and unparalleled levels of performance.