New Member Highlight: Biocut®Systems – Milwaukee, WI

September 25, 2018

BioForward is excited to welcome our new member Biocut®Systems!  Biocut®Systems is a manufacturer of cutting-edge solutions to the bioscience industry specializing in regenerative medicine, they are located in Milwaukee. As a new member of BioForward, we sat down with Don Melnikoff, President, John Reimer, VP of Business Development and Jared Koch, VP of Product Innovation to learn more about their company and how they contribute to Wisconsin’s Biohealth Industry!

First off, tell us a little more about what Biocut®Systems does in Wisconsin?

John Reimer: “We manufacture clean room compatible presses, dies and bioprocessing equipment to help streamline our customers’ processes in a safe and sterile manner. “

Jared Koch: “Within these environments, it is very challenging, we have to always start with the end in mind. What I mean by this is our products have to first be made so they are clean room compatible with all the hurdles that entails, but also easily cleaned and sterilized.”

Don Melnikoff: “John gave you the elevator pitch and Jared expounded upon it but ultimately what we do is turn our customers’ obstacles into opportunities, our core competency is knowing what the industry requires, we guide projects in the right direction.”

What is the one thing most people don’t know about Biocut®Systems, but should?

John Reimer, Vice President, Business Development

John Reimer: “Don loves to remind us that we are more than dies and presses, we also collaborate and help our customers innovate since we understand their issues, we always ask what are your “pain points”, we are willing to put our engineering resources behind projects that benefit the industry and ultimately aid in human recovery.”

Jared Koch: “Also we work in the bioscience regenerative medicine market, most of our customers recover or process human tissues, it is very important to us and to our customers that we honor and acknowledge the donated gift of life. We do this by getting involved with the non-profit organization “Donate Life”. Our employees are out in the community signing people up to be donors and speaking with recipients. As a company, it is our vision to aid in human recovery. “

Don Melnikoff: “You are hearing a theme that runs throughout our organization, we believe we do meaningful work and that ultimately this work “aids in human recovery”, that is the thing people should know about Biocut®Systems.”

What is it like day to day at Biocut®Systems?

Don Melnikoff: “As a company, we have implemented the Stuck Strategies, which is based on five pillars, financial growth, customer delight, innovation, productivity and GPTW, great place to work. It focuses everyone within the organization to what is important.”

John Reimer: “What we love about this platform is it makes us accountable to each other in a way that is open and honest since there is a greater purpose than just making money, the entire company is engaged and focused.”

Jared Koch: “Before I came to Biocut®, I owned a company, I always felt like I was in firefighting mode, today like most days now, we are planning and executing our single page plan, it is refreshing. I get to do what I love and that is to collaborate and innovate.”

Don Melnikoff: “The single page plan has our vision, mission, the five pillars, our strategic initiatives and targets for the year, we refer back to it every day to make sure we are doing what we planned to do, it is simple but very effective.”

John Reimer: “Every employee understands where we are as a company and what we are trying to accomplish, all employees set personal and professional goals for the year which coincide with the single page plan.”

How can other BioForward members and Wisconsin companies collaborate or partner with Biocut® Systems?

Don Melnikoff – President

John Reimer: “Reach out to us with your “pain points” or other obstacles, we are always willing to put resources into projects, programs or products that benefit the industry.”

Don Melnikoff: “We have been approached with ideas that improve efficacy, these organizations or institutions didn’t have the bandwidth to take the project to completion or didn’t know how to create the tooling to make the product that could be tested to see if the outcomes improved, we are willing to take the baton and run with it, if it makes sense to all involved.”

Jared Koch: “Please bring us into the conversation as soon as possible, we have some unique insights into processes that have worked and a lot more that haven’t…”

Why have you decided to call Wisconsin home for your company?

John Reimer: “The company was a family owned business that was started in 2001 as a steel rule die maker, the previous owners saw an opportunity to take an old technology and reimagine it, the old technology roots are based in Milwaukee, the machine shop to the world, couple that with Wisconsin’s leadership as a biomedical innovation hub, it makes a perfect place to be.”

Don Melnikoff: “As a Biomedical Engineer from MSOE and having worked in the healthcare my entire career, I know of no better place than to be based in Wisconsin. As John alluded to, Milwaukee is/was the machine shop to the world, with the engineering talent to design and the skilled labor to make our product readily available, we can and have positioned ourselves for growth.”

Jared Koch: “I was raised in Kansas and received my mechanical engineering degree from Kansas State, so I am not from here but I can attest to the talented engineers I have collaborated with from Wisconsin, it is exciting to talk to a community with so many engineering minds that have a “can do” attitude.”

Why did you decide to join BioForward Wisconsin?

Don Melnikoff: “We see a “forward” looking “Wisconsin” organization where we can collaborate within the bioscience and biotech space, BioForward has already connected Biocut® to some great partners.”

John Reimer: “I see what you did there…”

Don Melnikoff: “You caught that…”

Jared Koch: “Funny…”

Don Melnikoff: “In all seriousness, Bio Forward’s mission aligns perfectly with our vision and mission which ultimately is to aid in human recovery, thanks for giving us the opportunity to present who we are to the rest of the members of Bio Forward.”

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