Corona Update – Remote Work

March 20, 2020

At Biocut Systems we are at the end of the first week of the majority of our employees working from home due to “Corona”. Yes, we have become comfortable with calling “it” by its singular name. Corona has become the annoying person everyone looks at until the person does something a little erratic and then we all just smile nervously and try to walk away without being noticed.

Besides figuring out all the intricacies of virtual meetings and the home office décor, favorite sweatshirts and understanding how pets rule our employee’s lives, we are very open to share the knowledge to any of our partners/customers that are struggling to set up remote offices in Zoom, Go To Meeting and Skype.

Biocut continues to monitor the guidance from the State of Wisconsin and the Center for Disease Control regarding the spread of the virus. We have had a great week meeting customer needs while doing our part to keep our employees and our community safe.

Our situation hasn’t changed with regards to critical suppliers, we have been constantly communicating with them and also reaching out to you our customers to ensure you are getting the products and service you require. It does look like we will see some production changes starting next week due to what the government is asking, we will let you know what those changes may be when we know more. Let us know if there is anything else, we can do.

Don Melnikoff, President