Creating Innovations at a Distance: Introducing the Mini Grinder

November 1, 2021

Out of all the projects Senior Product Development Engineer Logan Eggert has been a part of over the past three years at Biocut Systems, his latest endeavor posed a different challenge.

SterilCut Mini Grinder

Like many companies adjusting to remote work during the pandemic, Biocut was no different. For Eggert, his challenge came in the form of relocating to Salt Lake City, Utah while still working to optimally create the company’s latest product, the mini grinder.

“I think it’s just taught me the greatness of our team at Biocut,” said Eggert.

Their newest innovation achievement is a mini grinder built to create powders and putties from hard tissue. The project took about a year and a half from idea to conception due to delays in supplies needed. Eggert says that the whole concept to prototype timeline was a fast turnaround with early tests of the prototype being successful.

“It was pretty great the first time. We ran into our lunch room and managed to find some nuts that I could essentially put in the unit right after I made it. We did the initial test at that point and were very pleasantly surprised with the results, just right out of the gate. It was pretty awesome to have a functioning prototype without needing any major updates or changes.

Logan Eggert, Senior Product Development Engineer

One of the more important traits the team focused on was intuitiveness. The model includes a push button plate and is run entirely by one button.

“As far as complexity goes it’s about as easy as it can get. You’re not taking a long time to set it up or tear it down. It’s intended to be a fast, easy unit to use. I think we kind of hit the marks with that with some of the design inputs there.”

The project symbolizes another example of the company prioritizing customer delight, but also finding creative solutions to deal with new challenges that may arise internally. For Eggert, this only magnified his appreciation for his team.

“Being able to rely and work with my colleagues back in Milwaukee to build out this prototype and work through some of the prototype complications really just speaks to the team we have. It also goes to show our ability to bounce ideas and work off of each other in order to achieve our goal of creating the best product and having the best relationship with the customer,” said Eggert.