Follow-Up – Message from Don Melnikoff, President – Biocut

April 27, 2020

Thanks for all the great information, suggestions and “thought leadership” regarding my last post on finding our new norm.   The consensus key ingredient for our best chance of finding success in a sustained new norm is the need of a massive campaign to develop the education and support systems, to transition and bring awareness on how to be “germ mitigators” at each company.

Governor Evers from Wisconsin put a “Badger Bounce Back” plan together a week ago and it was mentioned part of the plan was to help businesses adhere to guidelines.  I would argue that this part of the plan needs a lot more support and effort because this drives action and focus on getting us quickly to this new normal.

Current data, though be it preliminary, of testing in New York and California may make us adjust our thought process around this in the future, but as of now this is still the best plan of action.  Again, this will not eliminate transmission, but the hope is we can reduce transmission to a manageable level.

I suggest we take 1,000+ people, hire and teach them on how to physically assess and educate each company in Wisconsin regarding germ awareness for this new normal.  We need to directly help each restaurant, manufacturer, barber, etc. on figuring out how best to create the safest environment and processes as possible.

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how to get the State of Wisconsin to put a comprehensive massive campaign together on how to rapidly deploy the “germ mitigation system”.