New Kids on the (Pharma) Block: Biocut Joins International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

By: Alexandria Mason
April 29, 2021

Biocut Systems engineer Gabby Rusch has experience being the new person in the room, having started as a full-time engineer at the company almost a year ago.

Gabrielle Rusch, Biomedical Engineer

However, that hasn’t limited her drive to find new projects to lead, such as her work on the company’s demineralization system late last year.

“This process is really important for our company since we are breaking the mold of what we are typically involved in… this project in particular is a huge stepping stone. We are seeing it open new doors, and helping us expand into other industries, while we maintain a growth mindset,” said Rusch.

Much like the talent the company attracts, Biocut is enthusiastic about venturing into new territories whether products or new relationships. Their latest match? The regenerative medicine company is ready to jump right into the pharmaceutical market — making their first power play by joining the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE).

“It really is just an area where all these different communities can come together and further the industry in a positive way,” said Rusch. “It’s impactful and important that Biocut take the time to join in the discussion because we have a lot to offer, but we also have a lot to learn.  We want to innovate alongside the bigger players.”

And while the company is excited to be entering a new market, it’s important to note their motivations are rooted in building on their existing processes and helping other companies improve their own.

“We’re looking to really support and facilitate the automation and the scaling up of already established processes. What that means is we’re not going to be the chemical experts. We’re not going to be the biological experts, but we’re going to bring the engineering expertise, listening in with people who are experienced in those fields,” Rusch explained. “Then help establish a great engineering foundation and automate their systems so that they’re able to grow to their optimal size.”

As a project engineer, Rusch hopes to attract new clients in the pharmaceutical market and learn a lot about the industry along the way.

“I’m really going to be working with our team, to be listening to our customers, to work through what their real pain points are. From that information we will tailor a solution for them: helping them automate, helping them with their quality assurance, data logging, etc. Honestly the most important part of my job is establishing a trusting relationship with the customer because we  truly want to be an integral part of their team.”

For Rusch, conquering the pharmaceutical market is the next step of the company’s evolutionary phase in their process of innovation.

“This experience is going to help us understand our customers evolution and hopefully as they evolve, they understand Biocuts evolution thus seeing us in a different light,” said Rusch.