Amnion Closed Washing Concept

The amnion closed washing device creates consistent processing procedures with minimal set up, takedown & overall interaction.

This system features GRAVITY-FED DRAINING which is a simplified version of the demin-decell system. Instead of larger volumetric flow sub-units, it relies on load cells and gravity draining to fill various reagents into the washing station. It features an amnion rinsing canister with a delicate draining system that keeps tissue securely hosted. This removes the risk of rupture or damage during draining and filling.

VOLUMETRIC FLOW MONITORING detects changes in weight of reagent and draining bags. This feature allows for error monitoring and ensures proper setup. The system is CUSTOMIZED and STREAMLINED to process amnion tissue.

Featuring GENTLE ORBITAL AGITATION to keep the tissue graft safe during processing.


  • Small Footprint
  • Streamlined Fluid Flow
  • Reduced Operator Flow

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