The Sky’s the Limit: Chasing Blue Sky Ideas

April 6, 2022

When it comes to innovation, it truly can’t begin until you remove the limits of what’s attainable. For Biocut Systems, these are called blue sky ideas: dreaming big without a ceiling as a limit.

Joshua Jendusa is Biocut’s strategic research associate and in his role serves as a starting point for the pursuit of big ideas in new markets with baseline research and analytics.

Josh Jendusa, Strategic Research Associate

“It’s about expanding into new markets and looking for opportunities that can expand our horizons. We like to have an organized team around these ideas, doing research on it and looking to grow our company,” said Jendusa.

The main goal is to push creative limits outside of the box and make a name in new fields such as regenerative medicine and the pharmaceutical space.

Gabby Rusch, Biomedical Engineer

“We want a place where we can have free range to research and explore totally new ideas,” said Biocut biomedical engineer Gabby Rusch. “A lot of things are really outside the box and outside of our comfort zone, but we want to push ourselves to start thinking about the future stage and future iterations of what this company could be.”

The concept encourages Rusch both as an engineer and project manager to get a jump start on market exploration and gain a beginner’s understanding of new markets to lessen the learning curve before an opportunity presents itself.

“An important aspect of the blue sky agenda is to really gear up development and get them ready to pursue new opportunities once we’ve gathered enough information and presented enough information internally.”

A few of these blue sky opportunities have included bio 3d printing and, in the regenerative medicine space, cell and gene therapy. And while ideas range from being “way out there” to more attainable, for Jendusa and Rusch the pursuit is about bridging the gap between knowledge and pursuit, reshaping even the most unconventional ideas to those that can be reached within a possible five to ten year period.

The evolution of new ideas isn’t new territory for Rusch — during her three years at the company, she has seen blue sky ideas come to fruition. One of these being the demineralization/decellularization device the team created to assist in the washing of different bone and skin grafts.

“When we first started pitching and doing research internally on the demin/decell device, it seemed far removed from our current technologies and our capabilities. But I think it just goes to show that we have a talented group of people that were able to take a completely unfamiliar concept and turn it into one of our highest-producing products,” said Rusch. “It’s really cool to see how such a small, unique, far out there idea can turn into a totally different direction for your company.”

Demin/Decell System

While the concept has a new name, the idea behind making the impossible possible is one that hits to the core of Biocut’s consistent values over the years. Younger team members like Rusch and Jendusa are thrilled by the company’s drive to look ahead to the future and stake a claim in new markets.

“With Biocut there’s always been a history of us taking on projects that initially would’ve been out of our realm, but this engineering team and this company are so unique and so special and so talented that we’ve been able to take on their opportunities and unique projects”, said Jendusa.

“What’s really cool and awesome about this is that get to look towards the future and help this company grow.”