BreakThru Strategies, a visionary parent company, has orchestrated a groundbreaking collaboration between two pioneering entities in the biomedical landscape – Ardent Animal Health and Xiogenix.

The fusion of Ardent Animal Health’s expertise in animal stem cell research and Xiogenix’s forefront in cell therapy has birthed a transformational partnership. This article delves into the merger facilitated by BreakThru Strategies and its far-reaching impact on the domains of human and animal healthcare.

BreakThru Strategies, led by imaginative entrepreneurs, recognized the potential in uniting these two trailblazing companies. Their mission was to harness the synergistic prowess of Ardent Animal Health and Xiogenix, catalyzing unprecedented advancements in regenerative medicine and veterinary care.

With a commitment to innovation and a patient-centric approach, BreakThru Strategies provided the ideal platform for these companies to collaborate and amplify their efforts.


At the forefront of veterinary medicine, Ardent Animal Health’s legacy was built on pioneering affordable and innovative treatments for canine cancer and joint disease. Since 2016, the company’s focus on regenerative therapies breathed hope into the lives of countless companion animals.

With a mission to combat joint diseases, muscle injuries, and canine cancer, Ardent Animal Health epitomized compassion and commitment towards improving animal well-being.

Simultaneously, Xiogenix emerged as a player within the cell and gene therapy industry. Specializing in downstream automation equipment innovation, Xiogenix is tackling the formidable challenges within cell therapy processing and manufacturing.

Driven by a passion for helping patients, Xiogenix is dedicated to developing state-of-the-art processing equipment within the cell and gene therapy space to accelerate life-changing therapies to market.

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The convergence of Ardent Animal Health and Xiogenix within the BreakThru family of companies marked the beginning of a transformative partnership. The strategic alliance between Ardent Animal Health and Xiogenix marks a transformative milestone in the realm of animal health and regenerative medicine.

At the heart of this collaboration lay the concept of translational research, where knowledge and insights were seamlessly transferred between human and animal medicine. This exchange of expertise allowed both Ardent Animal Health and Xiogenix to mutually benefit from each other’s advancements, expediting the development of novel therapies for animals along with providing a platform for Xiogenix to advance its equipment innovation.

BreakThru Strategies’ visionary approach to combining Ardent Animal Health and Xiogenix has resulted in a paradigm shift in biomedical advancements. This powerful collaboration has not only paved the way for innovative regenerative therapies in animal healthcare but also redefined human medical horizons.


The shared legacy of BreakThru Strategies, Ardent Animal Health, and Xiogenix stands as a testament to the tremendous possibilities that arise when like-minded companies unite under a common vision. As they continue to push the boundaries of science and compassion, this family of companies demonstrates the immense potential for breakthroughs when bridging the realms of human and animal therapy.

With an unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of both humans and animals, BreakThru Strategies and its visionary subsidiaries inspire a future where innovation and empathy intertwine to create a healthier, more interconnected world.

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Josh Jendusa - Product Manager

Josh Jendusa

Product Manager

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